As we gaze upon this universe, we’re invited to reflect on the wonder and beauty of life and to seek a deeper understanding of its complexities. What is better than art to be your medium to explore these complexities and mysteries. Every thing around us is made of small particles, and Hudson’s love for knowledge […]

Art has always been a medium for self-expression For one woman, art became the catalyst for her journey to self-discovery. Through her tattoo, Kyra found a way to remind herself to embrace her wild side and break free from the constraints that people had placed upon her. Kyra’s journey to honour her true self has […]

This tattoo story is about the enlightenment and kundalini awakening. Herman is a yoga instructor who teaches and practices Raja’s yoga path; he chose the path of self-awareness and wanted to create a beautiful piece of art that portrayed his journey to enlightenment. The path starts with the flower of life symbol, which connects all [&hellip

Shadow is everything that makes us human. We all have aspects of ourselves that we prefer to deny. We choose to overlook parts of ourselves that we don’t like and instead focus on those aspects that we do. In order to truly accept yourself you need to embrace both the light and the dark sides […]

Oana wanted to tell a story through the only tattoo she will ever have. to be a continuous reminder to have confidence in herself and make the most out of the unpredictable. The tattoo symbolizes self-acceptance and self-love. Oana believes in the philosophy of the trinity of life: the past, the present, and the future. […]

There’s something about recalling cherished memories that can really put a smile on our faces – Windows of memory that we can open to look back feel like portals into our past. Sometimes, the past seems far away, like a distant music. We think we could never find it again if we try. Other times, […]

Tattoo myth Is it acceptable to tattoo a replica of a tattoo found on the internet? Unfortunately, many people believe it is acceptable to copy tattoos that have already been created and posted on the internet. “As tattoo artists, we are well aware that the vast majority of our clients are unable to draw or […]

“To her, the name of the father was another name for love.” . Honouring his memory, with a collage that transcend time. Bringing the elements of their shared moments to wrap around her body as close as it can be to her heart. Checkout NINA Profile

To feel well is to be true to who you are at heart. The spiritual dimension of our well-being is a sense of connection to ourselves. Artist Nina tried to express the journey of lovely Nataly towards discovering a higher purpose, and pushing the ultimate boundaries of existence, The woman which is floating, is experiencing […]