Chemical Wisdom

As we gaze upon this universe, we’re invited to reflect on the wonder and beauty of life and to seek a deeper understanding of its complexities.

What is better than art to be your medium to explore these complexities and mysteries.

Every thing around us is made of small particles, and Hudson’s love for knowledge and exploration is ingrained in every fiber of his being.

 His tattoo is titled ”Chemical Wisdom” and it captures the essence of life in its smallest molecules, showcasing the intricate patterns of chemical compounds arranged around an owl.  it’s a reflection on the interconnection between knowledge and wisdom, and the importance of taking a holistic approach to life.

His tattoo is a tribute to the owl, a symbol of wisdom in many cultures. It reminds him that knowledge alone is not enough; he must also possess the wisdom to understand the significance of what he’s learned.

A reminder that true wisdom comes from acknowledging the connections between all things, including science, art, and spirituality.

Just as the compounds in the artwork are interconnected, so too is our world. We cannot separate the different aspects of our lives, nor can we ignore the impact of our actions on the world around us.