Please make sure you have read our Terms and conditions, House rules, and risks carefully before taking further steps. 

We would like to explain to you the tattoo work process which we follow in our studio. please take your time to read it. 

First step:  

Providing basic tattoo information: 

You can send us your tattoo wish by filling out the online form t, you will receive an email from us in a maximum of 7 days due to the high demands.

This basic information is important and needed to help us decide many factors in your booking, such as nearest availability, style match, and whether the idea is doable or its elements aesthetically appealing. 

  1. Preferable size, length, and width (in cm):  
  2. Placement on the body:  
  3. Coloring method (colored or black/grey tattoo):  
  4. Tattoo story (describe your idea as clear as you can):  
  5. Reference/Inspiration images:  

With the previous information, the manager will prepare a tattoo profile that will give the artist an idea about your tattoo project. 

** Client Portal **

After confirming your consultation appointment you will receive a link to your private client portal on our website, where you can view your appointments, and payments, send and receive direct messages, request a new tattoo or a touch-up session, aftercare instructions, and many more useful features, now you can find everything you need in one place.

Click on the link that you received via SMS or the confirmation email, Log in using your email address.

if you have a problem login in, please contact the studio.


Second step:  

Booking a consultation session: 

We would love to welcome you for a short visit to our studio. 

If you wish to explain in detail your tattoo concept and you need the artist to help you translate your thoughts into visual images, then we can book a consultation session for you with the artist of your choice, where you will have the chance to talk about your story, desired placement, and of course, you can bring some reference images to support your idea. 

The ambient in the studio is homey and friendly, and we will make sure that you feel comfortable and relaxed at both of your sessions. 

Virtual Consultation option: Online consultations can be a great solution for our clients if they are living in another city. or if they have difficulty reaching us due to any other reasons. 

The session will be held via zoom, and you will get a zoom link upon your confirmation. 

Consultation time: 15 -30 min 

Consultation Fee: 50 euros (it will be deducted from the final price of the tattoo). 

The client can cancel/reschedule the consultation session for up to 48 hours before the appointment. 

Important Note: After the consultation session with the tattoo artist is done, the client must send an email to the communication manager to book a tattoo session and/or a revision session (We advise booking the revisions one or two weeks sometimes a few days) before the tattoo session.


Regarding tattoo design: 

Our artist will prepare the design based on the tattoo profile he/she create from your Email information and the communication during the consultation session. 

Each tattoo is a unique piece of art that is designed carefully and only for a specific client.
Designing a custom tattoo is a process that most of the time takes much more effort and time than tattooing it. 

Please notice that our artists don’t share or send the tattoo design online.

The client has the following two options if he/she wants to see the design in advance:

    1.  On the spot:

      The client gets to see the design on the same day of the tattoo session, usually, we book an extra hour before the tattoo session starts so the client can see the design and discuss any edits you wish to make to the design with the artist, and the tattooing only takes place both have agreed on the design. 

    2. Revision session: 

The revision session is a separate session that can be scheduled prior to the tattoo session for the client to check the design and provide feedback to the artist. The artist will indicate the need for a revision session if the tattoo idea is more complex, abstract art, or if the client really wants to see the design beforehand. Please keep in mind that during the revision session, the artist will NOT show the finished design but will show the design halfway through so they can check with the client.


Third step:  

      Booking a revision session (if needed): 

    • Revision session time: 20- 45 minutes. 
    • Revision session deposit: 250- euros.  
    • Revision deposit conditions: 
            • The deposit will be deducted from the final tattoo price of the tattoo if you proceed with the booking process. 
            • This deposit is to cover the artist’s time in case the client did not show up at the session.  
            • If the client changes the main idea; this is considered a different request from the original and the deposit will not be refunded in such case. 
            • The deposit won’t be refunded if the client decided to cancel the process after the revision session is accomplished for any reason. 

       Booking a tattoo session: 

    • Tattoo session deposit fee: 100- euros  
    • The client does not have to pay a tattoo deposit if he/she already booked a revision session, one deposit of 100- is enough to book both sessions. 


Important tip:

Because of the busy requests, we always advise our clients to proceed in a fast way in responding to the given dates. 


Regarding tattoo price 

The manager can give an estimation of the price only after the consultation session is done or the revision session is done and the needed information is collected by the artist, The placement of the tattoo on the body, size, colors, how complicated the design, process and tattooing time are the main factors in the final price, 

The manager can always give an estimated price before the tattoo session, but the final price will be decided after the tattoo is finished.
Please ask the manager to provide you with an estimated price before your session in case he/she forgot to give it beforehand.