copying tattoo

Copying someone’s else tattoo??!!

Tattoo myth

Is it acceptable to tattoo a replica of a tattoo found on the internet?

Unfortunately, many people believe it is acceptable to copy tattoos that have already been created and posted on the internet.

“As tattoo artists, we are well aware that the vast majority of our clients are unable to draw or design for themselves.”

It’s fine to look at existing tattoos and be inspired by them to find a style or color palette you like, but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER ask your tattoo artist to copy someone else’s work; it’s disrespectful to both the artist who created it and the person wearing it. It also restricts and limits the tattoo artist’s creative growth because you’re using them as a tracing machine and they’ll only get better at tracing.

Intentions are also extremely important; you must have your own personal touch/story/meaning to the tattoo, as your intention will merge with your energy field after the tattoo is done. And you don’t want to imitate someone else’s intentions ( this is my own belief ).


You might come across a picture of a beautiful unique tattoo of a lion surrounded by flowers on the internet and fall in love with it and may want a copy of it.

However, The story behind this lion is that it is a memorial of a father who spent the last years of his life “fighting” an incurable disease “like a lion” before the disease overpowered him and passed away, and during his life he had a preference for certain type of flowers.

This is true story from one of my previous clients I did long ago.

You don’t want to replicate that, believe me.

If you are unable to travel to your preferred tattoo artist.

Wait for him/her to pass through your or a nearby city, or even a neighbouring country.

If you live in a country where there are no “tattoo artists whose tattoo style you like, and you are unable to travel.

My humble advice is to find someone who is good at illustration or graphic design and invest some money to get the concept/design you want, then ask a tattooer you trust to achieve the results you want.

Keep in mind that tattoos are a long-term investment, it’s okay to make some effort.

Written by Hoss