Embrace your shadow

Shadow is everything that makes us human.

We all have aspects of ourselves that we prefer to deny. We choose to overlook parts of ourselves that we don’t like and instead focus on those aspects that we do.

In order to truly accept yourself you need to embrace both the light and the dark sides of your personality.

In order for you to understand who you are you must look at both your light and dark sides without judgment.

Carl Jung explains this beautifully when he says, 

“Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle.”

in Justina’s tattoo

The sunflower represents growth, enlightenment, and resilience, where she is following her inner light.

The moon behind the flower represents the divine feminine within us all. but there is an eclipse which means her light and her shadow, her feminine, and her masculine are aligned, this symbolizes an awakening whereby the darkness is illuminated and she is able to see the full spectrum of who she is.

Her beauty will forever radiate from within and shines through this art piece.