Windows of memory

There’s something about recalling cherished memories that can really put a smile on our faces –

Windows of memory that we can open to look back feel like portals into our past.

Sometimes, the past seems far away, like a distant music. We think we could never find it again if we try. Other times, it feels so close, so real and vivid.

Maybe opening these windows will lead us
to heaven or in other scenarios to hell.
Or maybe they won’t lead to another world at all… maybe they’re just our own minds, showing us who we are and who we used to be. Whatever they are, they are always fascinating and beautiful in their own way

But what happens when we can’t open these windows?

Tattooing our memories is one way to keep our memories alive. It’s a way to make sure that those special moments are never forgotten.

Lina’s chose to tattoo few of her windows as a way to commemorate her childhood house in Berlin, the place that was once warm , safe and filled with love.
For as long as she live, she’ll always have that part of her past alive.

Do you ever find yourself wishing that you could relive cherished memories over and over again?