Embodying Literature: A Tattooed Homage to the Power of Love

Literature possesses an extraordinary ability to stir our emotions, spark our imaginations, and provide profound insights into the human experience. 

The written word has shaped cultures, challenged societal norms, and deeply influenced individuals. 

This tattoo is for Andrew, who is deeply moved by his favorite poet Jack Gilbert

and a beloved poem “The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart” chose to embody this literary work as a tattoo— a visual poem that pays homage to the power of genuine love.

In Jack Gilbert’s poem, the essence of true love is beautifully encapsulated, through some skill-fully selected elements he highlights the multi-faceted nature of this profound emotion.

And the tattoo serves as a tapestry of those metaphors.

The poem reminds us that love is not a mere fleeting sentiment; it carries the weight of history, memories, and experiences. It stands as a testament to the enduring connections we forge with others. Just as an archer meticulously aims for a target, true love requires precision, purpose, and a deliberate choice. 

It is not subject to chance or happenstance but rather a conscious decision to invest deeply in another person.

Authentic love encompasses the passionate and sensual aspects of desire, igniting a fire within us. It also grants us the strength and freedom to explore new horizons together, like a spirited horse galloping towards uncharted territories. It encourages growth and adaptation, allowing individuals within the relationship to evolve and flourish.

Through the act of embodying this poem as a tattoo, Andrew has immortalized the essence of genuine love on his skin. It serves as a constant reminder of the power of profound connections, the deliberate choices we make in love, and the transformative journey that awaits those who are willing to embrace its multifaceted nature.

In this tattooed homage to literature and love, Andrew carries with him the embodiment of true emotional depth and human connection. It is a testament to the enduring impact of literature and the ability of art to inspire and transform our lives.