We all have experienced moments of realization. Moments that change us forever, alter our perception of life Moments when we stop, drift off into space, and dwell on the connection we felt. Dana had a moment of a distinguished realization, that shaped a new version of herself, a more relaxed and surrender version to the […]

We find ourselves in life living a  contradiction rhythm, needing simultaneously to practice both movement and stillness. We achieve our zen when our minds are still, and activate joy while our bodies move in harmony with the world. “Returning to the source is stillness, which is the way of nature. The way of nature is […]

We are connected with the world around us ,just as the branches and roots of trees we try to reach to our true essence inside and outside ourselves. and we more are interconnected with each other. when life blesses us with the support to overcome hardships, it creates a special bonding experience. Devi found her […]

The Dacians were a Thracian people who were the ancient inhabitants of the cultural region of Dacia, located in the area near the Carpathian Mountains and west of the Black Sea. This area includes mainly the present-day countries of Romania and Moldova, as well as parts of Ukraine, Eastern Serbia, Northern Bulgaria, Slovakia,Hungary�

For Zeid   Our world is in intimate contact, and to hug each other is to be in the tranquility of Love.     The fountains mingle with the riverAnd the rivers with the ocean,The winds of heaven mix for everWith a sweet emotion;Nothing in the world is single;All things by a law divineIn one […]

Throughout my art, I retell the stories of people, it is a challenge to find a way to sum up all those emotions, memories and hopes in one design. Max came to me for a consultation about his tattoo, and he told me that he has lost his best friend and he wanted to honor his friend’s memory with a tattoo of two skeletons reaching out for eac