Owner & Tattooer


Hossam is a professional tattoo artist and the owner of the studio, He started tattooing in 2005, 

He Says ” Tattoos are my love and passion and its a huge responsibility for me and I am grateful to each client of mine who have the trust in me and let me leave my mark on their skin forever.”

My vision

For me, tattooing is a huge responsibility and a great honour. It’s an ancient sacred craft, intimate enough that it is on your very own skin and once you have the tattoo, you will have a bond with the intention behind it with you forever.

“Intentions are a powerful tool and where we put our focus is where we create our experience in this reality by influencing our consciousness.”

That being said, I have no boundaries within my expression. Using one technique never satisfied my soul, I wish to use various. Pushing and broadening my own horizon as well as the artistic worlds. 

My imagination is a complex consciousness and I feel inspired by the plethora of experiences I witness every day. This allows me to collect inspiration and manifest it through my vision. 

Surrealism fusion of graphic images and geometry layered with watercolors is my style of tattooing, I call it a beautiful mess, chaos and order.

I talk with my client about the story behind the tattoo they want and I try to dig deeper behind it and ask personal questions if needed, trying to understand what kind of a message they want to leave on their body. Tattoos are a way to overcome the fear of public judgment, because, with every new tattoo you get, you become more of yourself, more of the real you. This is how you actually look, this is your story on your own skin and you can’t care less to hide it.

Tattoos are a way to remember that life is worth living to the fullest, whether the person made great achievements or had stories to be remembered or even if the person had a trauma, insecurities or had non-happy experience The right tattoo can help to overcome that and let the wound heal (and that’s the reason most of my client contact me).

In the last couple of years, I noticed that 1 out of 5 of my clients is having her/his first tattoo. so if this is your first tattoo, you came to the right place.

Co-Owner and tattoo artist


Nina, an accomplished architect and interior designer who has now immersed herself in the captivating world of tattoo artistry. With a prestigious master’s degree in Interior Design Science from Milan’s renowned Politecnica Design University, she brings a unique blend of artistic vision, psychological insight, and spiritual depth to her creations.

Nina’s passion for tattooing goes beyond mere aesthetics. She believes that our bodies are not static canvases, but ever-evolving expressions of our true selves. Through her art, she offers a transformative experience, allowing individuals to redefine their relationship with their bodies and make a profound statement about their identity. From commemorating meaningful moments to weaving personal narratives, each tattoo becomes a powerful symbol of self-expression.

Join Nina on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where every stroke of her tattoo needle crafts a masterpiece that resonates with your soul. Embrace the harmonious and beautiful change that awaits as you unlock the potential of your body as a canvas. Together, let’s create an extraordinary fusion of artistry and personal transformation that will leave a lasting impression.